HR Consulting
At Renstas, Every new capability is born to cater to our clients. The new services are architected and built keeping in mind our clients needs. There is a lot of market analysis done and our analysts take all their effort to make the process flawless and precise. The Analyst team who works on consulting services comes with many years of experience in the specific space. We draft and initiate the process for our clients with impeccable standards.
Our consulting services include
  • Compensation Trend Analysis
  • Process optimization (Recruitment)
  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Brand Perception
Compensation Trend Analysis:
At Renstas, we do a annual survey of the compensation trends in the market. This is done accessing the Software talents spread across India. The general analysis is then shared among our clients.
Process Optimization:
Primarily aimed at companies setting up their offshore development centre in India. With vast experience in building startups, our professionals guide the client in providing valuable strategic information in setting up the centre. Our associates in IT, legal, finance help clients to initiate the process and start the operations with less of hassles. Renstas’ consultants provide clients with plan of hiring in advance, so that clients kick start as soon as there are in India.
Salary Benchmarking:
One of the key areas our clients get benefitted during the time of appraisal. Our service in salary benchmarking is backed up by Senior consultants who have been associated in it for years. Since different companies fall in different terrain, each project is executed surveying the sample pertainedto similar/same technology group. The sample we reach are as per the request of our clients
Brand Perception:
Some of our clients in the past wanted us to do a project on the perception of software engineers in the market about our clien. This exclusive activity helped us to add a new service to the portfolio. The mode and approach that we adapted in drafting, defining and executing the project was loudly applauded. Now we have made it a practise under HR Consulting