Renstas Process
At Renstas, the client and the candidate is treated as a single entity. We devote the same aggression in finding the resume, initiating the process till the candidate joins the company. Our sophisticated and effective search process is engaged from the moment the profile is established by the client. Each search is unique and specially tailored for each specific assignment of our client and will only cease with the formal appointment of the successful candidate. Further to which we do enhance the established rapport with the candidate with post joining follow ups, which ensures a mutually beneficial and longterm relationship for the client and the candidate.
Client Briefing
Each assignment begins with briefing from the client. The client provides a detailed job description and required candidate profile. This meeting gives our Consultants to understand the requirement as well as the client's company culture, business environment and any other relevant parameter to carry out the search assignment.
Targeted Search
Renstas will conduct a targeted search based on the criteria given by the client. This involves searching for resources from companies that best matched to the role. We will utilise our existing database and personal network to source the candidates
Candidate Screening
As a first step, Renstas will screen the potential candidates thoroughly on the required parameters. We will understand his background and career aspirations. After we determine the candidates interest and suitability for the role, we will send the profile to our client.
Client Interview
After the client has shortlisted the candidate's profile, a meeting is arranged between the client and candidate. If the candidate is not found suitable, Renstas will inform the candidate promptly.
Reference Check
Upon selection, Renstas can conduct a reference check on the selected candidate. This will provide external views of the potential hire.
Negotiation and Offer
Renstas Consultant can act as an intermediary and provide help in negotiatons with selected candidate. We will provide all help required to ensure that the transition is completed smoothly. This includes counseling with respect to relocation, any counter-offer and resignation at the present employer.
Post-Search Support
If the client requires Renstas support with respect to the selected candidate, after the search assignment is completed, our Consultants can make themselves available